Cassie & Nathan's Wedding

On June 10, 2012, Cassie & Nathan decided to become husband and wife. While planning for the wedding, they both thought that a DIY carnival wedding would be a perfect theme for their big day, and a great way to entertain guests at the same time. Cassie & Nathan's carnival-themed wedding was complete with fire dancers, balloon animal hats, and a bouncy house.

Cassie & Nathan used the help of their friends and family to glue flowers together, and complete many other parts of the DIY decorations for their wedding. 

According to this DIY bride, “making it a team effort made it way more fun and even more special the day of knowing that all my favorite people had a hand in it.”

Cassie said that her wedding was almost 100% DIY and on a budget, so she truly appreciated all the help her friends and family gave her on her big day.

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*Eversnap Android App*