Liv's 21st Birthday

Olivia (or Liv) found Eversnap while searching for the best photo-sharing app to use for her birthday celebration! Her Willy Wonka-themed 21st turned out to be a great success with many memories she can now relive by looking through her photos on Eversnap.

"Eversnap was the easiest app to share pictures with everyone and upload pictures too!"

With Eversnap, Liv was able to capture the things that made her party special: the Willy Wonka chocolate bar, the table of delicious treats, and of course, the Willy Wonka cake.

Liv says that the most memorable parts of her birthday were the speeches, and of course, the cake! A moment she was proud to capture through Eversnap.

 *Eversnap Android App*

*Eversnap Android App*