Sabrina and Chris's Wedding

While meeting each other in Boston during their Senior Year of college, Sabrina and Chris knew that they were meant to be. Sabrina and Chris wanted to have an unforgettable wedding by giving their guests the experience of a lifetime. Their awesome wedding included cupcake towers, and even a DIY photobooth!

From their photos, it is easy to see that there were several fun moments. But we wanted to ask Sabrina and Chris what they thought their favorite wedding moment was! They said: 

“Sabrina’s new sister-in-law organized the entire extended family into doing a flash mob! All of Chris’s aunts and uncles were dancing to Party Rock Anthem!”

How can you NOT love a flash mob by all of your loved ones on your big day?  Sounds like an unforgettable wedding to me.

 *Eversnap Android App*

*Eversnap Android App*